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Caz The VillainessThree flash fictions, each one depicting a different villainous alter ego I’ve created for Caz.
The Waiting Game

“Oh, Miss, we’re ready to order now!”  Caitlyn signaled the waitress, who continued steaming by with her head fixed straight ahead, as if she saw something fascinating about the kitchen doors.  “Ooh, Caz, what do we have to do to get her attention?”
“She’s ignored us long enough!” Caz said, her voice turning deeper, throatier.  “But don’t worry, I know what to do!”
Caitlyn glanced at her friend.  “Caz, what happened to you?  You look all… different?  Where’d those wings and horns come from?”
“I’m not Caz,” corrected the demoness who was sitting right where Caz had been moments before.  “I’m Topaz!”
“Where’d you come from?”
“I always show up it these sorts of situations,
Bake And Switch“Hi, Caz, I’m home!” David called out.
“Hi, David, I’m in the kitchen!” she called back.  “I’m putting the last touches on my devil’s food cake now.”
“Sounds delicious,” David said.  “Um, did you say devil’s food cake?”
“Yep, devil’s food cake.”
“Uh-oh,” said David.  He hurried into the kitchen, but it was too late.  The woman standing there looked very much like his wife, except for the leathery wings coming through two slits in her black dress, the horns on her head, and the long tail that slapped David playfully.  A pitchfork lay nearby.
“Hi, David!” she greeted him.
“Hello, Topaz,” he said with a sigh.  “Could I have Caz back now, please?”
Caz’s guardian devil spent a minute pretending to think it over.  “Nah, I don’t believe so.  I’ve control of her body now and I
Caz Gets The PictureHolding up a thumb for reference, Caz frowned prettily at the vase set off to one side and then at her canvas.  She dipped her brush onto her palette and gently applied a thin stroke of yellow.  “Do these daffodils look right to you, David?” she asked, stepping back to examine her work.
“They look fine,” her husband answered absently.
“Take a proper look, David,” she insisted.  “You know this is important.”
David peered at the painting from one angle and then another.  “It looks perfect,” he announced.  “Just like you, dear.”
“Aww,” said Caz, wiping paint from her fingers.  “Anything good in the newspaper?”
“Police are investigating the Namzug Gallery,” David remarked, “after alarmed museum officials discovered that Lost Woodland was nothing but a clever forgery.”
“Hmm,” said Caz, glancing above the fireplace where the
Caztastrophe“Caz has a delightful imagination,” David reflected.  He was reading his wife’s journal on deviantART, enjoying her answers to a series of questions a friend had posed to her.  “Number Seven is quite intriguing.”
In the alternate universe, we all have an evil counterpart. By what physical characteristic would we know your evil counterpart?
My evil counterpart would look sexy, dangerous, tall, slim with long red hair.  She would be in charge of the world and anyone not following her orders would be bound and gagged and tickled until they saw reason!: Muhahahahahah

“Why stop at being in charge of the world, though?” David asked.  “Why not have a galactic empire!  Hmm, I wonder how that would play out….”
Empress Caztastrophe made a dramatic entrance – the only kind of entrance she ever made.  A crown of pure iridium rested on her scarl
Caz's Inside JobWith a short straight line, Caz finished carving her name into the glass.  Her actions were a bit premature, for the Breneton Jewels still lay snug in their display, seeming to wink at her in invitation, colorful eyes shining in the darkness.  It was tempting to think of simply smashing the display case, to reach in and snatch the fabled jewels in triumph, but the experienced catburglar resisted the impulse.  "I don't need the attention that would bring," she murmured softly.  "With care, those lovelies will be mine soon enough!"
"That they will not be!"
"Oh, no!"  Caz recognized that hated voice; she desperately darted to one side, but her actions were too late.  The Atomic Smasher strode out from the shadows, flinging a hand.  One of this crimefighter's superpowers was the ability to generate rope that would respond to his command.  The fibers flew forward, toward Caz.  The formed themselves int
A Novel Approach For CazCaz's fingers twitched indecisively, her hands hovered anxiously over the keys of her laptop.  She shook her head, trying to dislodge the mental cobwebs.  Whenever inspiration was there, words poured forth, like water from a bursting dam, but when lacking, her output slowed to a mere trickle.  "Concentrate!" she told herself sternly, and finally began to type.
While the tight ropes severely restricted Lady Lucille's movements, they did nothing, contrary to the hopes of her captor, to reign in her unbridled spirit.  The young noblewoman pulled energetically on her bonds, firmly promising herself she would remain defiant to the last.  Her exertions made it difficult for her to maintain her balance, but she was determined to preserve her dignity and remain standing on her feet.
"Mpfff!" she exploded.  The cloth gag over her mouth prevented her from expressing herself more coherently, but her disdain for Sir Perceval Pomberton
Spring Unleashed"Eager to leave, my lovely flower blossom?  No, you shall never escape me!"
Rizandon was the Bringer of Snow.  It was he who covered the world in cold and frost, and how he longed to keep it so!  Rizandon appeared as a grizzled, old man, dressed in snowy white robes, but his hair and beard were darkest blue.  He lived in a mountain cave, where his only willing visitor was Snow Shadow, an owl nearly as old as Rizandon.  Rizandon had an unwilling visitor, though.
"Here you shall remain, and so my reign shall continue!"
Despite the frigid conditions, no steam came from his mouth as he spoke those cold words to his captive, Sarling.  Just as Rizandon was Winter, so was Sarling Spring.  Just as Rizandon appeared old, so she seemed young:  a maiden blossoming into womanhood.  Her hair was earthy brown, her garments, leafy green.  She stood helplessly near the entrance of Rizandon's lone
Caz Steps Out"I definitely want a new costume for Halloween this year!"  Caz shuddered, recalling events two years earlier involving her angel costume, a reversible outfit that could also serve as a demoness costume.  Wearing it had caused Topaz, mysterious, maddening Topaz, to appear!  This unwelcome visitor had materialized suddenly, claiming to be Caz's guardian devil, and had caused quite a bit of trouble!
"I think this enchantress costume should do the trick.  It's a very pleasant and cheerful shade of blue, with a bright sun emblem.  That's not Topaz's style at all, and the best thing, it's not reversible, so I shouldn't have any trouble!"
Deciding on the costume had been difficult.  Snaffy's, a cluttered shop in the Old Town section of Bridlington, had quite a selection.  So many colorful styles, so many potential alter egos.  What best reflected her?  Should she be a cavewoman, or a futuristic s
Deviant WeddingIt was a beautiful spring day, the birds were chirping, people happily walked about, and a warm breeze light blew across the land. Everyone was happy about the day, but none of them were happy as much as David was. As he stood in front of a large mirror inside of a small church, he straighten out his suit and waited for the clock to tick down to the time he would marry his lovely bride to be Caz.   
As he stood in front of the mirror, he thought cheerfully of their happy life ahead of them. He was so lost in thought he failed to notice his cell phone was ringing on the table next to him till he finally noticed it when the vibration caused it to fall onto the ground.  
He quickly grabbed the phone off the ground and looked at the number to see it was his lovely wife to be calling. At first he was delighted to see her call but then confused as to why she would call when he thought she would be busy getting ready.
"Hello my sweet." He said as he answered the call
Interviewing Caz"Hi, everybody!  This is intrepid television reporter Caitlyn Meredith coming to you live from the scene of some really exciting breaking news where…"
"Ooh, Caitlyn, it's not fair," interrupted Marci.  "Why do you get to be the reporter and I have to work the camera?  I thought we agreed that we'd take turns with this!"
"Because shut up," replied Caitlyn.  "We're live, as I'm pretty sure I just said and I'm here in Fortescue's secret hideout where that evil genius… well, I guess you can't really call him a genius, since he can't even operate an electric kettle without referring to the owner's manual, but…"
"What's going on here?" demanded Fortescue in a voice that sounded like a warped hacksaw cutting through a rusty pipe.  "In case you two are lost, the mall is way over on the other side of town."
"I'm well aware that this isn't the mall, Fortescue," stated Caitlyn primly.  "I'm here to get an exclusi
Surprise VisitorSitting back in her recliner, Caz snuggled into David's body as they sat watching the old movie.  The scene on the screen showed a bedroom, the thin curtains blowing in the slight breeze as the heroine slept under the covers.  She had a thin silk band holding her long blonde hair back from her face as she slept, undisturbed by the breeze or the sounds.
Suddenly, the curtain moved more than it should if it was just the wind, and a man climbed in through the open window.  He was tall, well built and well dressed, in a roll neck sweater, smart jacket and trousers and soft shoes.  The most striking thing about him, however, was the stocking that he was wearing over his head, pressing his short dark hair down as he crept silently into the room.
Caz put her arm round David's as they watched him opening drawers, searching for and finding jewellery until he was surprised by a small table lamp being lit.  Turning, he saw the woman sitting up in
A Glutton For Punishment"Let me go, Glarg," pleaded Caz.  A long, thick rope circled about her waist, hanging her from the ceiling of the lizardman's enormous cave.  Her legs were bound together; her arms were tied against her sides.  She had been gagged, but she had worked the red bandana out from her teeth so that it now hung loosely about her neck.  "I have things I need to do; I can't just hang about here like this!"
"No, you're not going anywhere," he told her gruffly.  "Except into this cauldron, that is!  Yes, Caz, you're going to pot!  I traveled a long way to get here to England and I want someone British for supper."
The kettle whistled impatiently.  "Well, water you waiting for?" asked Caz impatiently.
"No need to get all steamed up, Caz," he soothed.
"I'm boiling mad!" she fumed.
"I need the right utensils," Glarg muttered.  "Let me see, first off, I'll wanna spoon."
"Not with me you won't," Caz informed him.
Caz Makes A Soft Decision"What do you think of this one, Caz?"
"It's a good width, David, and a comfortable height."  Caz nestled herself onto the sofa, so David immediately joined her.  They had hardly settled down, though, when….
"Hi!  My name's Caitlyn!" asked the saleswoman.  She wore a colorful blouse, a flowery neckerchief, and a flashy smile.  "Can I help you?"
"Not right now, thank you," David replied.
"Call me if you need any help!"
"I like this one.  It seems to be what we need, and it's a good price," pronounced Caz.  "What do you think, David?"
"It's really comfortable," he enthused.
"However, there is one last test," said Caz.  "Have you the rope, David?"
"Right here!"  He zipped open his backpack and pulled out soft, blue rope, which he started crossing around Caz's outstretched hands.
"What are you doing?!" demanded Caitlyn, rushing back to them.  She waved her arms in panic.  "You
Caz And The Gem Mini Cricket"David, I've been tied up for quite a long time now, I really have," said Caz.  She was quite well bound, too.  Rope soft to the skin yet unyielding to her struggles kept her immobilized in an efficient hogtie as she lay on her side on the sofa.  Her elbows were held behind her back by ropes that ran between them, although the elbows were still a safe distance apart from one another so that she felt no discomfort.  Her wrists were bound back to back.  Rope circled her legs above and below her knees, and around her ankles.  A connecting rope ran from her wrists to her ankles, keeping her legs bent as she struggled futilely on the soft cushions, for the more she pulled the tighter the knots became.  "I think it's time for you to let me go now," she announced.
"Oh, no, you've hardly been tied up any time at all," decided David, pretending he was reading his newspaper, but actually watching Caz.  "You need to l
UnmaskedA Couple in Distress story with David and Caz.
"David, this is great!" Caz whispered loudly, drawing him close to her so the workers busy loading the lorry wouldn't overhear.  "They think we're their contacts for this job!  Once they finish we can drive to the police and then show them and then they'll finally have to believe us about these smugglers!"
"Yes, but," answered David cautiously as he nervously adjusted the small mask over the upper half of his face.  The masks had been Caz's idea, just in case someone recognized them from before.  She had reasoned no one would be suspicious, since they were supposed to be criminals, after all.
"Wouldn't it be simpler to call the police here?" he finally asked.
"Oh, David, you know what happened the last time we called them!  And besides, if we do, they'll want to know what is being transported and we still don't know what's in these boxes!"  And indeed, that was the main thi
Shore Enough
A Couple in Distress story with David and Caz.
The brisk breeze coming off the North Sea blew plump raindrops onto the car windshield.  Caz peered anxiously ahead, driving carefully in the inclement conditions.  "I think we're lost," she announced.  "David, could you check the map again?"
David was certain they were on the right road, but he opened the map just the same.  "Of course, darling," he said, studying intently.  "We're running a little late because of this rainy weather, which seems so typical of England, but we should be coming up on a village called Coconut Harbor in just a couple minutes now."
"Coconut Harbor?"  Caz frowned in concentration.  "I don't recall ever hearing a town with that name before."  She flicked a quick sideways glance.  "Um, David, darling, I think I see what the problem is."
"What's that?"
"That isn't a map of the UK; it's a map of Hawaii!"
"Oh!" he exclaim
Caz Meets Dr. Muir"And can you make that 'To Caitlyn' and that's C-a-i-t-l-y-n, because there are so many different ways to spell my name and oh my gosh you're just my most favorite writer ever!" enthused the young woman.
"Thank you," smiled Caz, handing the signed book, And Old-Fashioned Melodrama, back to Caitlyn.  "I like hearing from my readers.  Which parts of my books do you like the best?"
"Oh, you know, just, like, everything; the romance and adventure and bits of humor and of course the way all those damsels get captured by villains only to be rescued at the last second!  How do you think all that up?"
Caz smiled, considering her answer.  There was no one else waiting in line, so she had time to talk with this enthusiastic admirer.  Before she could respond, though, a man came over to the desk set up in The Book Nook for the signing.  "Here you go, darling," he offered, handing her a cup of chai from the bookstore's coffee shop.
Caz To The RescueOn a broad plateau jutting from a lonely mountain that rose from an isolated spot in the ocean stood several hundred gleaming, metallic robots, completely inert.  They would continue their silent vigil with infinite patience until they received their commands, at which point they would spring into action, flying through the sky to every corner of the globe.
Meanwhile, inside the mountain, a meeting was taking place between the creator of these robots and an unexpected visitor.
"I congratulate you on your excellent disguise as a pizza delivery girl.  It accomplished what you intended, I suppose, in that you managed to infiltrate your way into the very heart of my secret headquarters.
"However, you failed in the end, for despite your efforts, I still recognized you, Caz, the most daring and skilled spy the British have on Her Majesty's Secret Service.  You only thought you could come in here and thwart my plan to take over the world!"
"Mpfff!" protested Caz,
Caz Is Beside HerselfNighttime is magic time, and the magic associated with certain holiday nights can be very powerful, indeed.  For example, there are legends of a traveler seeking shelter in a stable on Christmas Eve to awaken from sleep to hear the animals speaking the language of humans.  The eavesdropper may hear of a fabulous hidden treasure or of danger ahead, and thus profits from an experience that can only occur one night a year.
Halloween has its own special magic, macabre and mysterious….
Caroline retrieved a large shopping bag from her closet.  It was colored pumpkin orange, displaying a vampire standing before a decrepit castle, complete with black bats winging out the upper windows.  In a hanger, she carried a one-piece, reversible dress, red and black in flame designs.
“Wrong way,” she decided, turning the dress inside out so that it was solid white.  She emptied the contents of the bag, separating the accessories she was pla
A Dragon Rescue For Caz“Where is Princess Caz?” fumed the Regent, Lord Horace Highbottom.
“Here she is!” announced Lady Caitlyn, leading the Princess into the throne room.  “I found her outside in the garden, kissing Sir David!  And they were really going at it, too; I mean, she had him in a really tight embrace and was…”
“Yes, I believe I understand the scenario,” replied the Regent testily.  “Such shocking behavior, Caz.  I am very disappointed in you, young lady.”
“I don’t see how it’s everybody’s business,” replied Caz, shaking herself loose from the grasp of her lady-in-waiting and striding forward to sit on her throne.  “I am well past the age of majority and am quite old enough to kiss anybody I please.”
“That attitude is what I would expect from a painted serving wench in a tavern, not our sovereign,” replied the Regent.  “I… I must
Caz Gets Carried AwayRESCUE ME!!!  Caz typed her desperate plea for help on her cell phone as surreptitiously as she could, hoping no one would see her, but it was no use; Caitlyn kept her eye on everything.
“Mr. Deluge, Caz just sent a text message and that’s against the rules of the meeting!” the secretary informed their boss gleefully.
“Caz!  Is this true?” demanded the company vice president.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Deluge, it won’t happen again,” promised Caz, hastily putting her phone away into her purse and picking up her blank notepad.
“See that it doesn’t,” huffed Wilberforce Deluge, frowning in displeasure as he noticed the lack of notes taken by Caz.
“Look at all I have, boss,” said Caitlyn, holding up her notepad for his inspection.  She had not missed that look of displeasure!
“Very impressive, Caitlyn,” praised Wilberforce.
“That’s because you’re such a wonderful mentor,
Caz-ual Encounters“Now, I want you to understand that I don’t mean anything personal by this, Caitlyn,” explained Caz, reading the security guard’s name off her shiny brass nametag.  The fascinatingly enigmatic jewel thief was dressed all in sleek, black clothing that allowed her to move easily and blend subtly into the shadows.  A mask covered her upper face.  A small bit of her curly brown hair escaped from the tight black cap she wore over her head.  She carried a small black pouch slung across one shoulder.  “It’s just that I have a little unauthorized business here in the natural history museum and I can’t have you interfering.”
“Mpfff!” answered Caitlyn in frustration.  She sat on the cold marble floor of the Rare Gem Room, trussed with white rope, her arms bound behind her back against the leg of a display stand bolted to the floor.  Her legs, tied together, stretched out in fro

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Damsel In Distress And Related Deviations
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On my holidays!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 12, 2014, 11:41 PM
My holiday is finally here!  It's been four and a half months since I last took some time off work and boy, am I ready for a break - it's been too long but now I'm off till the start of October.

I have a lot going on this break as :icondavid-presents:'s mom is coming over to visit, which we're really looking forward to.  She enjoyed England last time she came and we hope this time the weather will be better for her.  It won't stop us from playing tourist though; we'll be out every day, showing her the sights of Yorkshire.  We have plenty of historic buildings and gorgeous gardens in the area, all within a short drive - we're pretty lucky to have all this on the doorstep.

It does mean, of course, that my messages will pile up a bit, so please don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't respond quickly.  I will be checking in as often as I can (thought there will be a period where I'll be away from my laptop for several days) so if you need to contact me for anything urgent, please send a note as notes and :iconclassic-did: messages will be given priority while we're out and about.  

Since my writing has hit a wall of late, I'm hoping the break will provide some new inspiration; we plan to visit a lot of places and you never know what ideas you will get.

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“Welcome to The Hideout for the final round of the Villain’s Games!  I am your host, Chrissy Wallbeck, and we’re joined by Ginny Stevens, Matt Lakerby and Carrie Gilbertson, who will be roaming the venue, keeping us up to date on the various competitions.  First up, we go over to Matt, where he is monitoring the competition for the most damsel’s bound and gagged by each team.”


“Hi Chrissy!  I’m here with Oscar from the Manchester Madboyz, who were the first team back, earning them some bonus points.  Oscar, how did you do?”

“Great, Matt!  Me and the lads filled our van with some lovely damsels from all across the city.”

“Did you have any trouble?”

“Well, one of the office workers we kidnapped put up quite a fight; nothing we couldn’t handle though Geoff will have a limp for a few days.”

“And here comes the official score…fifteen damsels!  Wow, Oscar that was good work, three more than last year.  Now, I see the Bristol Bullies have just returned and, oh my!  Officials are unloading their damsels and I have to say, it looks as though they’ve beaten you, Oscar!”


“Now Oscar, remember this is a live show!  Chrissy, it seems that the team from Bristol have added a trailer to their van, bringing their total to nineteen.  No sign of any of the other teams yet.  Over to you!”


“Thanks Matt!  Some lovely work there and I’m sure there’ll me more to come.  For now though, we’ll go to Ginny, who is covering the Fastest Tie Contest.  Are you there, Ginny?”

“Hi Chrissy, Ginny Stevens here, waiting to see who will win the ‘Fastest Tie’ Trophy!  Last year’s winners and firm favourites, the Richmond Rogues, have set a blisteringly fast time of four minutes twelve seconds for a hogtie and so far no one has beaten it.  Remember, the tie must be sufficient for at least ten minutes of determined struggling by our volunteer damsels.  Any damsel who escapes will disqualify the villain.  A partial escape will cost the team a severe time penalty.  So far, the Clapham Crooks and Scunthorpe Scoundrels have been eliminated from the contest.  Hopefully, I can get a word with Tim from the Rogues.  Tim?  Are you happy with your time?”

“Hi Ginny!  Yes, me and the boys have been practising and were very pleased with how we did today.  You’ll have to excuse us though, the chair tie is next and I need to run through our plan with my team.”

“Sure, good luck!  Chrissy, it looks as though the Cornwall Cads are through to the next round, with a time of five minutes and three seconds.  No time penalty as their damsel is still securely tied.  Excellent rope work from the Cads!  Back to you, Chrissy!”


“Thanks Ginny!  I’m just hearing from Carrie that there is a problem over at the Burglary Competition.  Carrie, what’s going on?”

Hi Chrissy!  I’m here with Stan Lofty, the umpire for the Burglary Section of the games.  Stan, I understand there’s a delay?”

“Unfortunately, one of the volunteer damsels for the Apartment Burglary Contest has not arrived, so we’re one damsel down.  As all the teams compete at once, we can’t run it until we find another girl to play the role of a surprised home owner.”

“That is unfortunate.  Chrissy, I’ll stay with this event, but for now back to you.”  


“Thanks Carrie.  Okay folks, in the meantime I’m hearing from Matt that more teams have returned.  How did they do, Matt?

“Well, the Galway Goons only managed to collect ten damsels but the Newcastle Nasties have beaten the record by bringing two coachloads of damsels.  It appears they kidnapped several teams of cheerleaders at a practice session nearby.”

“Excellent work by the Nasties.  Are all the teams back, Matt?

“They were the last ones and even with the time penalty for being late back, with forty eight damsels bound and gagged in their seats, they must have the highest score of all.  Yes, the judges have just confirmed it!  Back to you!”


“Thanks Matt.  Carrie, any news about the Burglary Event yet?”

“Not so far; they’re still having trouble finding a volunteer.”

“Okay Carrie, keep us posted.  Okay folks, while we wait, Rope-em Rick, master criminal is here to give us a demonstration of how to properly tie a damsel.  This is just for the viewers at home; our contestants can’t see this segment being broadcast!  So Charlie, what should our villains be doing?”

“Hello Chrissy.  Well, we have had some fine rope work by some of the teams but sadly there is too much of this ‘Hollywood’ binding and gagging; it looks good but is completely ineffective in the real world, which is why several teams have already been eliminated from the games.  Fast but secure ties are perfectly possible, as I will demonstrate.  Perhaps you would consent to be my damsel, Chrissy?”

“I’d love to!  What do you want to demonstrate?”

“A chair tie, one of the most common methods for restraining a home’s inhabitants and very easy to do.  If you would sit for me, please.  Now this is a basic kitchen chair, the type you would find in many homes.  I’m using soft white rope, which will hold you still without causing any damage.  Keeping your damsel comfortable means she is more likely to accommodate you; it is not unheard of to have some ladies submit to the ropes with little or no fight, just because they knew they wouldn’t be hurt. Manners and respect go a long way.”

“How true, Rick.  So, I’m sat in the chair, what comes first?”

“First we should immobilise those wrists.  You can tie them to chair arm rests, or at the side of the body but as this chair has a narrow back, I can use the crossed wrist method.  Make a loop and pass it over the hand, tightening it around the wrist.  Now, bring the wrist behind the chair make another loop for the other wrist and repeat, pulling the wrists together, crossed over.  Wrap the rope over and around the wrists, making sure it crosses and tie the ends together.  It should go without saying to put the knots well out of the reach of questing fingers but so many in the games have made this common mistake.”

“Hmm, yes, I can’t pull my wrists apart or reach the knots.  So, what next?”

“Well Chrissy, right now, you’re not restrained to the chair so we need to remedy that.  If I take this nice long piece of rope and fold it in half, I can pass it around your torso and push the ends through the loop, pulling it tight like so.  Now it’s just a matter of wrapping the rope around you and the chair, keeping you pulled back tight against the backrest and trapping your arms against you.”

“Very good, Rick.  I can’t move but of course, I can still kick.”

“Quite right, Chrissy and we’re going to fix that right now.  Okay, so depending on the type of chair legs, you can either tie each ankle separately to a chair leg, or to a cross bar if the chair has one.  I am going to demonstrate a cinch though, so I will take this rope and fold it, like I did for your body.  Once your ankles are wrapped together, you’ll notice there is a slight gap between them.  You can of course cross the ankles but that is not always possible, or comfortable for the damsel so if you take some of the rope and feel it back and forth through the gap, you cinch the ropes together, trapping the ankles more thoroughly.  You can also do this above and/or below the knee for extra security.”

“I feel very comfortable and I can barely move!  Well folks, it’s almost time to hear from our sponsors, which will give Rick here time to untie me…”

“Ah, but before we go to the sponsor’s messages, perhaps I should demonstrate a good, effective gag.  We start by taking a clean, cotton handkerchief and folding it neatly.  This is placed in the damsel’s mouth like so…next you need to secure it, either by tape or cloth.   I’m using a headscarf to cleave gag Chrissy, making sure that she can’t spit out the handkerchief.  There, your damsel is restrained in such a way that raising the alarm will be very difficult, if not impossible, giving you ample time to search the property for valuables, before getting away.”

“Mpfff!  Mpfff mpfffff, mpffff, mpfff, mpfffffffff!”


“Welcome back to the finals of the Villain’s Games.  This is your host, Chrissy Wallbeck, freshly released by Rope-em Rick!  So far we’ve seen the Newcastle Nasties win the contest for the Most Damsel’s collected.  We’ll be going over to Ginny at the Fastest Tie contest in a few moments but first, we join Carrie and Matt at the Burglary Contest.  What’s happening there, guys?”

Hi Chrissy, Matt here.  Well, the organisers managed to find a replacement damsel; they borrowed one from the races but that means they are one short over there.  The network has volunteered Carrie to fill in.  She is being got ready while the Burglary event takes place.”

“That’s excellent.  So, are they ready to start?”

“The contestants are just lining up.  There are four teams competing for the title today; Mike from the Newcastle Nasties, Derek from the Richmond Rogues, Donna from the Clapham Crooks and Harry from the Bedford Bandits. Each burglar will have ten minutes to break in, subdue their damsel and steal the five articles hidden around the identical ground floor apartments, specially built for the games by Mackleton Proust Buildings, one of our wonderful sponsors.  And…..they’re off!”

“Oh, I do love this contest, Matt!”

“It’s one of my favourites too, Chrissy.  It seems Donna is off to an early start; her slender build perfect for wiggling through the tiny window.  Derek and Harry have elected to pick the lock of the back doors, however Mike seems to be taking a more direct route and has smashed the front door in.”

“Will this give him an advantage, Matt?”

“Well, it will save time on the breaking and entering, though he will lose points for damage and alerting the apartment’s damsel, who now has a chance to make life difficult for him…yes, she’s putting up quite a fight!”

“How are the others doing?”

“Donna, with her much more silent approach, was able to grab her damsel before she knew her burglar was even in the apartment; excellent work, guaranteed to get her some bonus points.  She is just finishing tying her damsel to a dining chair.  Harry and Derek are neck and neck, both having gained entry and caught their ‘home-owner’.  Harry is also going for the chair tie but Derek has elected to use a hogtie, leaving his damsel on the sofa.  As for Mike, it appears he is now the one tied up; his damsel got the better of him!”

“Just goes to show, Matt; soft and sneaky is the key to this contest!”

“Quite right, Chrissy.  Donna is moving well, it appears she has just found the last item on her list, hidden away at the back of a drawer. She just has to make her exit and reach the finish line to win, but Harry has also found his items, in record time I might add, and is in hot pursuit.  As they come down to the finish line it’s anyone’s race…almost there…and Donna wins!  A very close match and an exciting finish.  Back to you, Chrissy.”


We go now to Ginny at the Fastest Tie contest.  Ginny, how are things going there?”

“Hi Chrissy!  Well, the Richmond Rogues won the Hogtie round, the Brompton Bounders won the Pole Tie and we’re just waiting on the results of the Chair Tie contest.  This match is between the Cornwall Cads, the Richmond Rogues and the Bristol Bullies, both of which have their damsel secured with rope, by their wrists, arms, waist, thighs and ankles.  The Harrogate Henchmen have been disqualified as their damsel freed herself inside of a minute.  With one minute to go, it appears that the Cornwall Cads and the Richmond Rogues have not been secure enough as their damsels have just slipped their hands free.  The Rogue’s damsel has been able to shrug off the ropes rather easily; a surprise disqualification of the Rogues, they were so strong in the hogtie round.  Bristol’s damsel however, seems to be very secure, no matter what she tries….and as the final whistle blows, Bristol win the contest!  Back to you Chrissy!”


“Wow, what an action packed final we are having!  Finally, we are off to the races.  Matt, how are things looking over there!”

“They look great, Chrissy.  I have five teams represented in the hundred metre dash.  They all have their bound and gagged damsels over their shoulders, ready to go and…that’s the starting pistol!  It’s the Cornwall Cads in an early lead, closely followed by the Bristol Bullies.  The Harrogate Henchmen have collided with the Clapham Crooks and landed in a heap, though both racers made sure their damsel’s were cushioned as they fell; such gentlemen!  The Manchester Madboyz are way behind and the Bristol Bullies are pulling ahead…yes!  It’s a win for the Bristol Bullies, with second place to the Cornwall Cads.  Third goes to Manchester and the other teams fail to finish.”

“Thank you Matt.  Okay folks, we go over to Ginny now who is covering the five hundred metre obstacle course.  Are they ready, Ginny?”

“Hi Chrissy!  Yes, the three runners are taking their places; Sheldon for the Richmond Rogues, Wayne for the Sheffield Sneaks and Jonny for the Newcastle Nasties.  Jonny is the lucky guy who has Carrie as his damsel, not that she looks particularly happy.  I imagine she’ll have a few words to say to the produces at the end of the race but her complaints will have to wait as the race is starting…now!”

“This is a great spectacle for our viewers; five hundred meters of walls, dustbins, narrow paths and whatever rubbish we could find to slow them down.”

“It sure is funny to watch, Chrissy!”  Sheldon is currently in the lead, having carried his damsel through some quite difficult terrain without becoming stuck.  Wayne is also making good time, but Jonny seems to be struggling; he hasn’t worked out how to climb over the obstacles with a damsel across his shoulder and has resorted to trying to push things out of the way.  Carrie doesn’t seem to be impressed either, though I don’t know if her discontent is aimed at her villain or the produces for making her be a damsel!”

“Ah, the fun of being the rookie!  We all had to do this at some point, Ginny!”

“Too right, Chrissy; as I recall, it was good fun….Wayne has drawn level with Sheldon, he’s passing him!  There’s fifty metres to go with everything to play for!  Just a few more seconds and…yes, it’s a win for Wayne of the Newcastle Nasties!”

“What a thrilling way to end the games.  We’ll have a few messages from our sponsors and then we’ll be bringing you the award ceremony and some backstage footage…what?  Oh, folks, it seems the cops have figured out where we are so we’re all going to run for it.  This is Chrissy Wallbeck, signing off.  We’ll bring you the rest of the show as soon as we can.  Bye for now!”
The Villain's Games
This is my non-competing entry into :iconclassic-did:'s contest.  For further details of the contest, please see here:…

This particular idea came to me quite quickly and I decided to challenge myself to write the whole thing in dialogue, which seems to work well for it.

On my holidays!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 12, 2014, 11:41 PM
My holiday is finally here!  It's been four and a half months since I last took some time off work and boy, am I ready for a break - it's been too long but now I'm off till the start of October.

I have a lot going on this break as :icondavid-presents:'s mom is coming over to visit, which we're really looking forward to.  She enjoyed England last time she came and we hope this time the weather will be better for her.  It won't stop us from playing tourist though; we'll be out every day, showing her the sights of Yorkshire.  We have plenty of historic buildings and gorgeous gardens in the area, all within a short drive - we're pretty lucky to have all this on the doorstep.

It does mean, of course, that my messages will pile up a bit, so please don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't respond quickly.  I will be checking in as often as I can (thought there will be a period where I'll be away from my laptop for several days) so if you need to contact me for anything urgent, please send a note as notes and :iconclassic-did: messages will be given priority while we're out and about.  

Since my writing has hit a wall of late, I'm hoping the break will provide some new inspiration; we plan to visit a lot of places and you never know what ideas you will get.

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I have been a deviant here now for 5 years and currently spend my time created stories and occasional poetry.

My stories are generally Damsel in Distress stories, which are written with the view I share with my husband (who incidentally I met through DA), that they should be fun tales with a bit of adventure, with the damsel being rescued by her hero or friend/escaping by herself. Nothing rude, humiliating or demeaning - no damsel is ever hurt (though villains might get what's coming to them) and there will never be any sex or nudity in any of my tales.

My poetry is often inspired by events or places in my life, although on occasion it comes as a by product of an over fertile imagination. I tend to write lighthearted poetry, though a darker one may sneak in from time to time.

I find writing a great way to release feelings and emotions and enjoy creating my pieces.

Being on DeviantART has given me the chance to learn more about writing and to meet some wonderful people who have taught me so much as well as delighted me with their work. It's given me the chance and confidence to try new things, which is always good.


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